Vaibhav Varade

Project leader

Main field: Condensed matter physics, Molecular and organic electronics/spintronics

Current focus: Magnetic field dependent opto/electronic characterization of 2-Dimensional materials and their heterostructures with single molecular magnets, Valleytronics, Chemical vapor deposition

Expertize: Low temperature opto/electronic measurements, circularly polarized photoluminescence/Raman, device fabrication using photolithography

Background: I have obtained my PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (INDIA) under Prof. K. P. Ramesh and Prof. Reghu Menon. Thereafter, I have worked at Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot (ISRAEL) as Post-Doctoral researcher under Prof. Ron Naaman.


Tel.: (+420) 95155 2885

Room: C011 – Cryogenics Laboratory „C“, V-117 (216) – Research and Development Workrooms „V“, L066 – Heavy Technology Laboratories „L“; Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, V Holešovičkách 747/2, Praha 8

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Selected Publications:

  1. Vaibhav Varade, et. al., “Spin Hybrid with Valley Spin–Selective Photo-Induced Charge Transfer at Room Temperature” (Under submission).
  2. Vaibhav Varade, et. al., “Bacteriorhodopsin based non-magnetic spin filters for biomolecular spintronics”, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20, 1091 (2018).
  3. Vaibhav Varade, et. al., “Probing disorder and transport properties in polypyrrole thin film devices by impedance and Raman spectroscopy”, J. Phys. D:Appl. Phys., 46, 365306 (2013).