Dr. Miroslav Veverka

Post-Doctoral researcher in the ‘TSuNAMI group’

Main field: inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry

Current focus: synthesis of magnetically ordered materials

Previous expertise: synthesis and characterizations of high temperature oxide superconductors (bismuth and mercury based), synthesis of magnetically ordered 3D metal oxides (ferrites, manganites) by ceramic method, single crystal growth from melts, synthesis of nanoparticles of ferrites, characterization of samples by XRD or magnetometry

E-mail: veverka@nbox.troja.mff.cuni.cz, miroslavveverkag@gmail.com

Tel.: (+420) 95155 2717

Room: L007-8 / L066 – Heavy Technology Laboratories „L“, V-117 (216) – Research and Development Workrooms „V“; Department of Low Temperature Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, V Holešovičkách 747/2, Praha 8

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