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Come to Prague and study science! An entirely new undergraduate program in English opens for admission in September 2022.

The bachelor’s study program Science reflects the fast technological development and emerging needs to educate multidisciplinary scientists. The increasing synergy between traditional experimental approaches on one side and robotics and artificial intelligence on the other is becoming a reality in biology, chemistry, and physics. Students of the Science program will have a strong background in applied mathematics and informatics, and they will be educated in biology, chemistry, and physics. Similarly, interdisciplinary study plans can be found in some highly-ranked European universities.

Program Science is based on modern proactive education, strengthening the active participation of students („active learning“ and „flipped-learning“ adopted for the specific needs of individual courses). The goal of the program Science is to educate experts with substantial multidisciplinary overlap, critical thinking, and the ability to solve complex interdisciplinary problems.

The whole study is in English, enabling students the smooth transition to either master’s programs at foreign universities or to international companies and institutions. The Science program graduates will be in an excellent position to continue in interdisciplinary science fields or prospective areas such as micro- and nanotechnology, biotechnology, ecotechnology, and other modern fields with social impact.

Contact Jana, vice-chair for mathematics and physics of the study school, for details.

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